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Jacquie Palmer
OWNER & Educator

Petite Debut offers process-based music classes for children & their grownups. In addition to supporting local families in our PTC & Senoia classes, we are also delighted to support our local community through preschool visits and homeschool groups. 


In addition to laying a foundation for music education, Kindermusik supports language development, motor skills, social skills, and cognitive development. This curriculum ignites a passion for learning while also creating opportunities for positive parent/child connection.


Petite Debut means “small beginnings” in French. The heart and soul behind what we do are to embrace and celebrate our little one’s small beginnings together. From birth to school age, we are passionate about helping children and their grownups to connect in a positive way, to be present in their milestones, and to support their whole child development through music and movement.

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